Mollie Sigmon: Mandolin, Vocals
Beau Sigmon: Mandolin, Lead Guitar
Anna Sigmon: Banjo
Mark Sigmon: Fiddle
Ray Barger: Bass Fiddle, Vocals
Randy Sigmon: Guitar, Vocals
Clinton Sigmon: Guitar, Vocals

Recording Engineer: Alan Knight

Recorded: Wizecracker Studios - Patterson, NC

Thank you for supporting our music!

The Sigmon's have been performing Bluegrass and Gospel for more than 30 years and with the addition of the next generation are getting better all the time. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

Here you can download samples from a Sigmon Stringers' CD to listen at your convenience! Just right-click the song title and save it to your hard drive. To listen now, just click on the song. (You may need a Quicktime Plugin to listen online. Click here to get a free version.)

"Sigmon Stringers" our newest CD!
  1. Rueben
  2. Gimme One Reason
  3. Windy and Warm
  4. Hallelujah, I'm Ready
  5. Faded Love
  6. Love, Please Come Home
  7. Home Sweet Home
  8. Coat of Many Colors
  9. Boil that Cabbage Down
  10. Daddy Sang Bass

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"Still Stringing"

  1. Train 45
  2. How Mountain Girls Can Love
  3. Mollie's Breakdown
  4. In the Highways
  5. Shucking the Corn
  6. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  7. Jerusalem Ridge
  8. Gold Rush
  9. Waltz Across Texas
  10. Dear Old Dixie
  11. Soldier's Joy
  12. East Virginia Blues
  13. Boil That Cabbage Down
  14. Somebody Touched Me.

$15.00 includes shipping/handling

  1. Duelin Banjos
  2. Worried Man Blues
  3. Sally Goodin
  4. Big Spike Hammer
  5. Bluegrass Breakdown
  6. Keep on the Sunny Side
  7. Foggy Mountain Special
  8. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  9. Liberty
  10. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
  11. Whoa Mule Whoa
  12. Orange Blossom Special
  13. Church in the Wildwood
  14. Amazing Grace

$15.00 includes shipping/handling

  1. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  2. Sittin' On Top Of The World
  3. Get In Line Brother
  4. Guitar Boogie
  5. Before I Met You
  6. Boil That Cabbage
  7. Old Country Church
  8. Cripple Creek
  9. Always Marry An Ugly Girl
  10. Old Joe Clark
  11. I'll Fly Away
  12. Little Cabin Home On The Hill
  13. John Hardy
  14. I Saw The Light

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